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Art Circle: Local Art Community Accelerator

I just graduated from Boston University with a Finance degree. I wanted to be an Investment Banker for 3 years in school. Then I came to my senses. Next thing I knew, I filled out an application to Start-Up Chile for an idea to help artists. 2 months later, we survived the cut from 1577 applications. We were one of the 100 chosen. Now with 40k, as a 22 year old I am hungry to learn and do something meaninful.

This was the presentation we presented using this class as HELP!

The PDF shows spaces in the images (anti Slides that ROCK) but they do not show up correctly on slideshare. DONT WORRY, I gave the HD pictures their much needed respect (fullscreen) 

Wish me LUCK during this 6 month incubator.

Also reach out to me at @BroEspanol on Twitter. I would be happy to tell anybody more about how and why I ended up leaving the "main stream cubicle prison"


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