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Art Build Creative

My brother is a letter-press printer and he emailed me the other day saying he was doing a run of business cards and could run off a few dozen single color cards for me. Of course I hadn't started this course so I sent a really ugly design to him. He never actually printed them, thank god, but I figure I should be ready next time.

This was the first attempt after right and left aligning. Very similar to Ellen's design. I'm using Avenir Next, I think all regular weight. Sorry there's not boundary marker to tell where the card ends.

After playing around I came up with this left and right aligned version with a centered title. It uses Avenir next ultra-light for title, and Avenir regular for the other type. I liked it...

until I right aligned the bottom text and was like, yeah cool. I like the way the "Creative" part floats in whitespace. The name kind of needs that emphasis.

And this one goes in a totally different direction. I'm not crazy about the type on top, it should probably be left aligned. Oh, and I'm using Avenir Condensed Demi-bold for the title.

And the Serif section literature sample. I used Baskerville, which maybe looks a little too "literary" for the context. The problem was that I wanted a tabular lined numerals for the HTML5 abbreviation, but non-lined for the phone number. I think I need to use an Open Type font to switch between lined and non-lined. Any Type-wizards out there tell me what common open serifs I might have on my mac, or nice free ones available?

Of course as soon as I posted this I realized the default, Minion Pro, was an Open Type and allows me to choose the lining.

 I'm not crazy about the feel of Minion. I kind of liked the old-school feeling of the "transitional" Baskerville. But I do like the tabular lining of the phone number.

I didn't get very far with the slab part of the project. I played with Cooper and SuperCarlson. Here I'm replacing the dot in the 'i' with a rounded star. Meh. Instead I realized a slap-face would be a good way to highlight the "Creative" in my business card. I went through a bunch of iterations:

I again forgot to do the outline until the final version. I'm using Avenir Next for the copy, Futura for "Art Build C" and Cooper for "reative". In the final(bottome left) I did some very subtle changes like thicken the 'C'. I like the Carlson version, except in outline the lines moosh together. I may go back and try the white on black witht he Carlson too. I like the subtlty of the Creative hanging in white-space, but I also like the visual shock of the less-than-half black.

For some reason my representative picture is coming out all black. Not sure what that's about but it make me want to swap the black and white sides to try it out...

Okay, so I played around with Rosewood STD witch is already a highly stylized font. I added some more diamonds a a pseudo-highlight to the shadow-side. You can see I faked the disappearing point, I know that functionality is in illustrator, but I just did it by eye quickly.


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