Art Auction

This project has gone through a variety of phases. My instructions were to design a poscard for an upcoming art auction for Alaska Public Media with the theme "feast." I'm striving for something eye-catching which makes the viewer want to attend--or, at the very least, curious to find out more.

The fonts (Gotham and Intro Bookmate) are perscribed by the company. Their main colors are red and black--although they're not being strict about those.

The are in this version are paintings that shall be in the auction.

Then the project took a new turn, playing on the idea of things disappearing and the urgency of the event, ending up with a different front and back design.


And back:

The background is of a style that has been used before in company graphics, although the pen and ink style is distinctly different from previous art.

Above, an example of a web banner in Alaska Public Media's usual style.

If you got this in your  mailbox, what would you think?


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