Ramona Udvardi

Advertising Designer



Arrrrrr, the pirates!

Hey guys,

I'm super excited about taking this course, and really hope to learn a lot from Matt's workflow.

Check out my pinterest inspiration board: 


I'm realy obsessed with groundhogs and I decided to draw some little groundhogs playing pirates. Here's my sketch: 

Vector shapes:

The rendered version in Photoshop:

Aaaaaand the final image! Ta-da

I just made a very few color adjustment here, but focusing on textures, and  I think it really gave depth to my illustration.

Update per Gabriel's feedback, because i had to agree about putting some more shadow on the groundhogs:

Aaaaand the last update to take Matt's advice about lightening the hook a little bit :)

Thank you Matt for this fantastic course, I really enjoyed every steps of it and learned a lot from your working method. Hope you'll teach other courses soon :)


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