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Brandi Galuzzi

designer + illustrator



Arrrg, Pirate!

I have created a collection of illustrations in the black-hole, known as Pinterest:

My favorite types of illustrations defintely tend to be a bit quirky and lean towards mid-century modern design. I also LOVE the more modern works of Jon Klassen, Matte Stephens, and Shaw Nielsen...just to name a few.

I started on some sketches yesterday, but want to refine them a bit before sharing. Super excited to jump in!

I decided after some sketching to go with Mr. Tall and Lanky on the right. He kind of reminds me of some of Tim Burton's characters. I love when they seem too big for their skinny legs to hold them up.

From the simple vector I did some rendering in PS. The first is simple and the second is the final placed in an environment. The only thing I think about this is that he seems stiff - so for my next character I'd want to work on a pose that brings a little life to it.

Would defintely love any thoughts/suggestions/feedback/etc!


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