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Around the world with Hasselblad in tow

My dream trip turns out to include way too many things for just one year, so it’s something I’ll be working on for a while. It would begin and end in my own home region - the Southern United States. I would intern for 6 weeks with Hatch Show Print, a letterpress shop that’s been operating in Nashville since the 1890s. I’d have a chance to get acquainted with a city that has always been calling my name, sampling some of the best food the South has to offer like hot chicken and Sean Brock’s restaurant Husk.


From there I would move on to Peru with my favorite travel buddy - my medium format Hasselblad 500c (pictured in cover photo). I’d spend some time sampling the local Peruvian foods, browsing the markets for interesting fruits and chatting with local artists. Then of course, I’ve always dreamed of seeing Machu Picchu, so I would either trek the Inca trail or the Salkantay route. And hopefully become best friends with all the alpacas. 


Photo by Will Burrard-Lucas

Then it’s on to Chile and Argentina, where I would spend some time with the local winemakers learning about my favorite variety, the Malbec. After relaxing for a bit in Santiago, I’d trek through Patagonia via Torres del Paine National Park.


Next stop is Puenta Arenas Chile, where my expedition to Antarctica would leave in late February / early March - just in time to see penguin chicks hatching and when whale watching is at it’s peak. I’d spend time photographing the penguins and glaciers on excursions to shore. 


After I’ve set foot on the 7th continent, it’s on to travelling the rest of the world! My dream list is pictured below. Problem is, it keeps growing!



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