Around the block...


 I had my earphones on, and then it was music all around me. I started walking, as the next song began. My playlist was getting a bit old - better update it fast. Strolling and music, that was the best combination in the world. It felt really nice, as though you were in a different world altogether, like reading a novel - no, novels were far more special, and I never want to compare them. I was busy with my thoughts, when I noticed something strange in the sky. On deeper observation, it seemed like smoke, though something inside me said it wasn’t - but its always like that with me; when have I ever admitted something as it is. Not wanting anything to disturb my ‘peace’, I just ignore whatever it is.

 A couple of minutes later, though, I received a snap from Taha, my friend, who lived close by; it was a picture of something burning - no, a lot of things burning. That’s where the smoke’s coming from. Damn! Frustration grows as I add one another instance about how I was stupid enough not to realize something, to my ‘Im the stupidest person on earth’ list. God, that thing fills up fast. As I dial my friend’s number, I notice the houses around me, with people standing on them, looking at the smoke and all - and this will be a good story for my friends, not that I’m telling them.

 My friend tells me that several shops and a building in the nearby market have caught fire, and that I should come meet him there. I frown at that. As much I’d love to know whats happening, what good will that be? Anyway, I move out of the house, and start walking. Soon my legs start hurting. Oh, damn them. I should start doing some exercise maybe. The streets are mostly deserted, though I see the Security guards sitting at their posts. I smile, remembering the previous day. Now that was really embarrassing.

 Soon, I reach there, and meet up with my friend. He greets me warmly, a bit too warmly, considering we only met a couple of weeks back. I inquire about what happened. He doesn’t know anything either. We ask around. Apparently, some oil tanker crashed, probably because of brake fails, the driver panicking and consequently not able to control the vehicle. The fire brigade is there, trying to extinguish the fire. A lot of people have gathered, blocking us from the view. Oh, I wanna be tall. We make our way around to get a clear view of whats happening.  

 As we get around to the other side of road, I get a complete view of the situation: my eyes move from the water being thrust at the seemingly never-ending blaze to the burnt vehicles on the ground, along with a fence, also burnt.

 We move around. My friend suggests we should eat something; I give him a smirk, but say nothing. Always eating, that bastard. We see 2 young girls, probably 8 or something, crying. I wanted to ask something, but couldn’t. How I wish to have communicative skills sometimes. Wish I had got something useful from my all-too-talented father. But my friend, having a totally contrasting skill set regarding these situations, asks one of the girls, ‘Hey kid, what happened?’ She looks at him, with red and swollen eyes like they were rubbed a lot, the kind that makes me feel shit about myself. She gives me a gaze and then looks at her feet, with no impression of being asked a question. My friend is taken aback, which, as I have observed, is not a common sight.

 But he asks her, in quite a cool manner, ‘Did you know somebody in there?’ I looked at my friend with disgust; how could he ask something that serious in this bloody cool manner!

 This time, the girl looks at us and shakes her head.

 ‘Why are you crying then?’ my friend asked.

 ‘I didn’t know anyone there, but somebody did.’ Okay, so that was nothing close to what I was expecting. I signal my friend to move along, uneasy with the situation. He, however, wants to ask something. Disgusted, I turn around and start walking away from them.

 He joins me in a minute. We get ourselves snacks and a drink. He uploads a snap. We have a deep conversation at his house after that. And I go back, finally.

 That little encounter with the girls, though, leave a bit of an impact on me. I think about it for the next couple of days. I cant really say that it moves me; it makes me think, however. But every time I go too far into the world of emotions, I find a way out. Well, some things never change.