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Around here... Denver CO

Colorado is a unique place to live. Whether a native or someone that migrates to the state, you tend to get sucked into the adventure life that is part of the core of being a Coloradan. I love the Denver metro and surrounding areas (mainly because that were I live), but the entire state has so much to offer, and part of this project is to check out the rest of the "neighborhood" at some point.

I usually shoot a mix with my dSLR and iPhone.
I hope you enjoy the sights and scenes... around here.

I work out of my home as a Web Developer, but I am also an aspiring Photographer (sometimes I like to joke and call myself the expiring photog, but I also care for my two young boys during the day (ages 2 and 4). During the week, we tend to get a case of cabin fever, so I try to plan a day at least once a week, even when super busy or in "bad" weather to get out and explore.

On a rainy Spring afternoon, my son really wanted to be outside so I decided we could play with some paper boats and I could use it as a photo opportunity.


Some mornings, we like to chat with the random rabbits we might find on the front lawn.


Perhaps get some exercise at a local park...


There are a few times a year I like to visit the REI store in downtown Denver. It's just a massive store. It even has a couple indoor rock climbing walls. Even when I have nothing in particular to buy, I love taking a stroll through it to think and get creative ideas.

Destinations aren't always visible.. But you usually have an end in mind...


Afterwards, I tend to walk around the city of Denver a bit...


...then head up towards the foothills to capture some shots of the mountains.


With one goal and destination in mind.. Enjoying those mountains.



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