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Hi Everyone~

My name is Lisa, from Bellingham WA, just between Seattle WA & Vancouver BC.  I was going to hop the border with some friends last night to do some night shooting in Vancouver, but the babysitter situation fell through, so we exercised Plan B and tried to find some fun places in our sleepy little town!

Here's what I came up with:

Nikon D7000 30 seconds f25 ISO 200

This is a pathway at Western Washington University.  I have lived in Bellingham for nearly 7 years, and have never visited this college campus. The campus didn't really have much that inspired me, I must admit I had higher hopes. To be honest, it's probably because I am biased since I went to a different University in the state, therefore my loyalties lie elsewhere!

Nikon D7000 30 seconds f25 ISO 200

There are multiple sculptures on the campus of Western Washington University, and it was what originally inspired me to head that way. Unfortunately, when I got to the campus I was disappointed because the first few I stumbled upon had no lighting. Luckily, I came across this one, called Wright's Triangle, and loved the way it was lit from the inside. The only thing that I don't like about this shot is the lights in the building adjacent to the sculpture.  I find the lights very distracting.

Nikon D7000 30 seconds f16 ISO 200

This is a view across Bellingham Bay looking back towards Western Washington University from the Bellwether hotel.  I love the reflection of the lights in the bay. It is my favorite part of the shot.  I just wish that there wasn't so much distance between where I was shooting at and the subject.

Nikon D7000 30 seconds f18 ISO 200

This is the Bellwether hotel in Bellingham WA. I have always loved the tower, and I like the subtle glimpse of the marina on the left.

Nikon D7000 30 seconds f18 ISO 200

I must have a thing for shooting pathways because I did two last night. I prefer the outcome of this one, which is by the Bellwether Hotel in Bellingham WA, more than my first pathway shot at WWU.

Nikon D7000 30 seconds f18 ISO 200

This is my final shot of the night. This is from the top of Alabama Hill in Bellingham WA, looking back out on Bellingham Bay. If it were daylight, the bay would be visible from beyond the lights of the buildings, and it certainly is a beautiful view. We came here to get shots of light trails, but the lack of traffic hindered our success! This is the best shot of the few I took.


I just want to say Thank You to Chris for doing this SkillShare class. It was fun to get out there and take some shots and practice in different lighting situations.


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