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Around Texas

Thanks for the classes Joe. I have been following Joe on instagram and snapchat for about a year and have loved seeing your photos and videos (on snapchat). I am like Joe in the way he is always looking for ways to improve his skills, and I think that is why this class was so appealing to me. I loved seeing your process in editing and taking photos. I have loved using them already have seen an improvement in my iphone photography skills.

This first picture was taken at sunset in Nevada, TX. I was driving through this small town for work and saw this firework stand that was closed and had to snap a quick picture. I used a 18mm wideangle lens from Moments. I think I really like this picture because it seems like a perfect picture of small town TX.


A huge part of what I want to accomplish through my iphone photography is editing the photo as close as I can get to what my eye sees. This Picture was taken in Dallas, TX around White Rock Lake on a very gray day. When editing with Joe's tips and tricks I was trying to recreate the harsh shadows that the iphone origally lost in the photo.


This picture was taken with some great morning light in Austin, TX. I had taken my dog (Blue) for a short walk and he decided he wanted to walk ahead a little, so I thought I would try and capture this moment. 


Thanks for viewing my project. I had a lot of fun shooting and editing these pictures with my new tips from Joe. josh_groth is my instagram name if you want to check out some more of my photos. 


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