Around New Year

Around New Year - student project


Thank you for the class, Sean!

Christmas and New Year are perfect for picture taking - definitely lots of food, lots of going out - many photo opportunities!

The first image was taken on the New Year Night (mmmm maybe table cloth should be ironed, but I really love the stars on it :)

Second image was taken during family lunch after Christmas - absolutely loved the house decor with warm and vivid colors.

Finally, last one was a quick on the go pictures of one of the cafes on Montpellier (France). 

I really tried to move a bit further away from the main subjects on the pictures, as normally I tent to go very close, almost macro. The class really helped me to see how I can incorporate more into the shot, yet not making it too messy :)

Thank you and Happy New Year!


Around New Year - image 1 - student project

Around New Year - image 2 - student project

Around New Year - image 3 - student project