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Around Melbourne

I love street photography and the camera I have is the ricoh gr. I would love to be able to just travel around the world and document everything I see in sight. It is amazing to capture something in the moment because photographs freeze a moment in time that can never be brought back.

Birds eye

I took this photo when I was on a rooftop balacony bar, the picture came out pretty clear considering it is through glass


Off The Beaten Path

This photo I took when I just turned the corner and I liked what I saw. It is one of my favourate photos because it was the first time I went out to shoot with my new camera.


Middle of the Road

The weather here wasn't too good but I got to shoot around wine country. I like shooting pictures with things centred in the middle, I just feel like they can show either what's central in the middle to be focussed or the details around make can the centre complimentary with the whole photo.


Signs of Life

As soon as I looked out the window and took my camera out I heard the skateboard drop to the floor, luckily at that moment I took the photo when he was ready to go.


The Postcard

The coastline here was spectacular, I really wanted to just climb down to the rocks and take more pictures near the water but it was closed off so I had to make do from where I was. Maybe a sunset in this photo would have been perfect ? 



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