Around Asia

Around Asia - student project

I recently returned from an 11 month trip around Asia. I've wanted to create a map that illustrateswhat cities I visited and the route I took as I traveled so I can share it on my blog and have a visual reminder of where I've been in the world.


Why am I making this map? For fun? A client? A gift? To showcase my favorite places?

I want to make maps for my website. I've been traveling the world and thought it would be fun to have a visual representation of my journeys that show where I've been on each leg of my round the world trip.

Why am I the expert to create this map?

I am the expert because it's my travels!

Who is my target audience?

The target audience is my blog readers: mostly a mix of friends and family and other travelers.

Do I want my final project to be printed or digital? How is going to be used/held? What other constraints do I need to keep in mind moving forward?

The final project will be digital. I started making a list of all of the cities I visited and realized there are way too many to be able to show a path. I'll have to probably stick with countries. There are also some places I visited more than once, so I'll have to figure out a good way to display that. Maybe a number or color coding of some sort.

Dear class, I need your help/expertise/guidance on how to.....

I don't consider myself a designer at all and am horrible at drawing, so I guess I'm not sure how I'm going to pull this off.


Exercise 1 – Hand Drawn maps.

Around Asia - image 1 - student project

This was a little map of part the Chicago transit brown line. I labeled each of the stop with the reason I might get off at it (where I live, where I take guitar lessons, where my favorite Thai place is...)

Around Asia - image 2 - student project

Thinking about maps, I was doodling this as I've been trying to figure out a way to visually represent on my website what country each post is from. Then I realized, hey, this is a hand drawn map! And a really bad drawing of Illinois.