Aromatic April | Skillshare Projects

Cody Moore

Artist and Illustrator



Aromatic April

This pattern was inspired by the delicate and sweet blossoms that grow every year in my garden. One of my favorite places is our back patio. Every year I look forward to the fragrant smell of the flowering liliac bush and other flora that bloom around my house.

Mood Board and Color Palette


I used Pinterest to create my digital mood board and drew inspiration from artwork that had good linework and use of texture. Along the top is a screenshot of the board. 

I also compiled all the photos I had taken of flowers around my house throughout the years and picked out the most interesting ones for referencing and tracing. Above are some of my favorites. I used the colors from my photos to create the color palette.



I used a lightbox to trace the general shape of the flowers from my photos on to tracing paper and then transferred them on to white printer paper. Before scanning I went over them with with an illustration pen and added some details.

Once in Illustrator I experimented with Live Trace tool, but wasn't happy with the lack of control so I used my Wacom tablet to outline the shapes with the Blog Brush tool and the Live Bucket tool to fill the colors.



Start of my motifs and pattern: I used the Symbol Sprayer tool to add the stippling and brushes to create the splashes of color for the middle part of the flowers. 




Final pattern shown in repeat. I created two color versions and had a hard time deciding between the two. Which version do you like better?


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