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Arnhild Lauveng "I morgen var jeg alltid en løve "

I read this book during this class. So I had no research and almost immediately decided to do the bookcover using a letter L, like in the word lion. So... after the first hour of brainstorming I figured out that I chose a very dark and horrifying story, but full of hope and sincerity... and at least happyended. So my cover shouldn't be like a poster to the horror, or to completely despair story. It should be just something strong and outstanding. 

Frankly speaking I made several attempts to sketch the main graphic idea during one month. The first sketches was incredibly bad. THats why I made a long way) In Arnhild's story she describes a terrible hallucination of rats and wolfs. That ugly guys are the bad one, and it's also important that she assotiate herself with a lion - a good brave animal who give her a power to deal with her diagnosis.
So, I've got a two main ideas - one with the drawings of outsider Ian Pyper (I've found his art in my research on pinterest and was deeply impressed), and the secon one - two overlapping tails of a lion and a rat:




Finally I found this doodle in Ian Pyper style better, becouse it works good like a spot and also have a lot of small details, and reminds an outsider art. It's better than just two overlapping spiral something.
Then a spend a couple of days in Illustrator. I used not only the pen tool but also a blob brush to save a hand-drawn impression.
And ... tadaam!



So. It would be nice to hear your oppinion about all that. Thank you for that lesson and for you attention.
Chusi! :)


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