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Army Ants

Great class!  

I heard a story on NPR many years ago about groups of army ants bluffing each other trying to make their numbers look bigger than they actually are.  I thought it would make an interesting idea for a game.  I never did anything with it but this class has given me the knowledge and the push to try it out.  

Here is my idea - 

Army Ants 


Objective - capture enemy's queen

2 player card game


20 cards numbered 1 - 10 

the numbers represent the strength of the army ant.  10 is the queen.


set up - Each player receives an army of ants numbered 1 - 10

Phase 1

Each player arranges their cards into 3 units and lays them face down in front of them in 3 lines. (idea is you can see how many cards but not the strength and you don't know where the queen is.  Maybe she is with the biggest unit, maybe not. The incomplete and hidden info represents the bluffing aspect.)

Phase 2

Player 1 chooses 1 of their units and attacks 1 of player 2's units.  (player 1 chooses both.)

The attack is done like war each player simultaneously reveals their first card.  The higher number takes the pair.    Go thru card by card until all of the attacking units cards have been played.  If the defending unit needs more cards they can use their winning cards if they have any.  

Player 2 attacks 

same as with player 1 they may choose any of their units to attack any of player 1's units including the unit that just attacked them.  

Game play continues like this until one player captures the other player's queen.

Special considerations during attack 

1 is the only card that can beat the 10 Queen card.

If the numbers match then the next card in the line is flipped and so on until one player wins.

If 2 queens are flipped it causes both armies to retreat and the attack is over.   no more cards are flipped but the players keep any cards won before the queens were flipped.  

After both players attack, play goes back to phase 1.  Players may now rearrange their cards into 3 new units incoporating any army ants that they won.  Phase 2 starts with Player 2 being first to attack.

I did a run through with myself and I think it's a good start.  (shuffled and randomly placed enemy cards into 3 piles)

It's a simple game but has some interesting possiblities with strategy - where do you put your queen, how do you distribute your ants for maximum benefit, etc.

I'm just wondering if Phase 2 should last longer with another round of attacks.  Because after the first attacks you learn something about your opponent's units but that info is lost with Phase 1's reshuffling.   

Any thoughts anyone has would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


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