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Armored Bird

I have been wrestling with some ideas, but couldn't get the idea of drawing a griffin out of my head. I want to do another sketch sheet to try out the silhouette technique. So far I really like the creature at the very right part of the page, and that was after playing with silhouetting. 

Okay round two of sketches... so I didn't end up doing more silhouetting. I started evolving my armored bird creature. I read up on Pangolins and flightless birds to make my creature more believable. This creature is quite small and has whiskers to help it move through its surroundings, and unlike most birds it has poor eyesight. Armored birds spend their days in a Savannah habitat. They are most active at night, scavenging for leftover carcasses and night crawlers. When they do venture out during the day they dig burrowing holes to help shield themselves from hungry predators. When they are unable to burrow quick enough they let out an unappetizing odor.

I made some further adjustments to this creature and before continuing to work on it tomorrow, I'd like any critique perhaps on the integration of the animals parts... or any suggestions on improving the design would be much appreciated! 

Okay after being away for a bit I jumped back into adjusting my creature's feet (as suggested in my comments section, Thanks guys you've given me a lot to think about!) I think my character feels a bit more balanced and I am comfortable with going ahead and collecting reference for future adjustments.


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