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Armature Creation for Stop Motion


Greetings fellow Skillshare Community,

Our course "Armature Creation for Stop Motion" is posted on Skillshare, click here to enroll. Appreciate the support and feel free to use and reference our milestone objectives as a reference for your own project. We'll have the follow up course as well. 

Enclosed is my outline for my class. I'm very excited and cannot wait to see the creative projects that come out of this course.


Armature Creation for Stop Motion Animation

In this course we will be creating an armature (puppet) for stop motion. Stop motion movies are a hit with  moviegoers of all demographics and in this course, we will create an armature that you can use in your own projects or create puppets for others. This course is budget friendly and all supplies needed are under $20. This introductory course will get you creating a puppet in no time. It's fun and easy and you'll enjoy every step of the process. The follow up course will teach you how to animate your armature and pose your characters to create your own stop motion movie.

Link to video lesson outline

Link to Introduction video


Aluminum Armature Wire

Super Sculpy


Super glue

Plumbers Epoxy

Aluminum Foil

(Optional materials)

Nuts, bolts,

(1 oz) Liquid Latex,

floral wire

brass tubing

artificial hair


Milestone 2

Armature Creation: What is an armature

Lets begin by discussing what is an armature and how can it be used in a stop motion movie. 

1. An armature is a puppet or model/doll that you will create in this project

2. We will be building in sections and form everything as a whole as we go along.

3. Will test out the stabiltiy of each part to make sure everything is functioning properly.

Link to video : What are armatures? 

Link to video lesson outline Link to video lesson outline

Milestone 3

Outline steps listed below

Click here to outline

Link to video

Click here to watch video

Milestone 4

Greetings, enclosed is my milestone 4 project. I have been linking my videos weekly and decided to link this one for feedback. Am having a great time so far, this is my first tutorial course and I'm really excited about the progress and the feedback I'm receieving from my peers. So glad I signed up to do this skillshare challenge, has been a great learning experience.

Link to Youtube video Click link

Wishing everyone the best on their projects, much success.

Milestone 5

Milestone 5: Wrap up Filming & Start Editing Your Class- Tuesday, April 26th


I've filmed the course and also edited the video. Enclosed is the video for my 2nd project.The video started out about 8 minutes but I edited to a length that kept everythign specific about the course. 

Link to Youtube   Click here

Milestone 6

Milestone 6: Publish Your Class - Due Monday, May 2nd

In a way this feels like New Years when the ball drops. Hope everyone enjoys the course and I cannot wait to see their projects. Cannot wait for what's to come.

Miletsone 7

Milestone 7: Market Your Class

I plan on marketing my course to friends, word of mouth, coworkers and distribute an email blast to get the content out. This is my first course and I'm both excited and nervous abut what's to come. I am hoping I get students for the course and they enjoy the content, it was fun putting it all together and I'm learning alot about marketing from Skillshare, it's definately a process.


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