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Arm Knitted Throw

So, I'm not new to arm knitting (I've made a bunch of infinity scarves and neck warmers) but this class inspired me to try a bigger project. I watched the class and made my blanket all on the same day. I actually wanted to make my blanket all one color, but the store didn't have enough of one color for it to work and I was too impatient to order in the extra yarn I needed. So mine is striped, and I actually kind of like it that way! I ended up just knitting until I ran out of yarn, so I think mine is a little bigger than the one in the video. 

We're in the middle of renovating our house, and we still don't have the majority of our rooms "finished" and "decorated" so my bedroom is a little bare. The throw was a nice thing to toss on our bed and add a little something to the space. 

I took these photos on my phone. If I ever end up taking better ones I'll update the project.




Also, it still works on our couch too...



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