Arlo & NYC

Arlo & NYC - student project

This was a really fun class! I did all three edits the teacher did, but I really wasn't happy with my B&W photo, so I'm just going to include the two I liked :D

The first is a photo of my dog, Arlo, at Christmas. This photo is pretty backlit, plus the lights on the Christmas tree, and the bright colors in the tree compete with Arlo's fur, which as a Ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, is a rich red, not dull brown. Arlo & NYC - image 1 - student project


I used the techniques the teacher showed, and cropped the photo to make it more syme-tree-cal (sorry), and then used the selective tool to brighten Arlo. I'm really proud of this photo, it now looks way better than the version I originally posted on Instagram at Christmas. 

Arlo & NYC - image 2 - student project


The second photo is the landscape one. I took this photo in New York City back in 2016.

Arlo & NYC - image 3 - student project


The editing on this was pretty straightforward, but one thing I had never used before on the Lightroom Mobile app was the Geometry section. That really helped straighten the photo out - when I only used "Straighten", some of the buildings still were really crooked. I used "Auto" on the Upright setting and I think it looks 100% better now! 

Arlo & NYC - image 4 - student project