Arleebean Gouache!

Arleebean Gouache! - student project

Learning gouache! October 2020


Arleebean Gouache! - image 1 - student project

First sketch to loosen up / find value. I had done some sketches beforehand, so I was a bit warmed up already.


Arleebean Gouache! - image 2 - student project

Up next, the under painting. This was feeling pretty good! I have honestly always hated painting, I never felt any good at it. But hearing Arleesha talk about value really struck a chord. I think that helped me orient myself a lot throughout the process. I really appreciated that tip, especially when I started to feel a bit lost! 



Arleebean Gouache! - image 3 - student project

Started laying down more color, I think I got a bit overwhelmed with the speed but at this point, I was mostly ok with it. Started to feel a bit lost, mostly because I was using a lot of red, I think? 


Arleebean Gouache! - image 4 - student project

Okay, totally lost control of the form haha. I was a bit back and forth between "fun" colors and "natural" colors and I think i was over compensating for my super red start.

I was also struggling a lot here with the paint. I hadn't gotten a total grasp of how to thin out the paint exactly (do I thin it out in my palette? how do I know how much water is too much? am I using way too much paint? Too little?). Sometimes I thought it would be thin and it was really opaque, other times the opposite haha. Something did eventually click though.


Arleebean Gouache! - image 5 - student project

So I was kind of frustrated after my first try, and decided to try again instead of continue with that first attempt. I started with another sketch, based on a Pinterest photo that I really liked (reference attached below).

Arleebean Gouache! - image 6 - student project


Arleebean Gouache! - image 7 - student project

Something magical must have happened between the first and second tries here lol Not sure what it was. I took this second one MUCH slower. I used probably a third of the paint, and just really tried to maintain the form. I had a better grasp of my paint at this point to where it was much more fun to play with this time. I stuck with some less natural colors (mostly because I bought this really fun pink I wanted to use haha).

I really applied some of what Aleesha said about watching sharp versus blended edges (WAY over blended that first one). I also really liked how she talked about warm versus cool shadows, I think that gave me some guidance on how exactly I should blend my white to get the right affect. Overall, super happy with this one! 

Moral of the story, definitely keep trying, oh my.


Side by side! 

Arleebean Gouache! - image 8 - student project

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