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// Founder : Elizabeth Drew

// Location : Wiltshire, England

// Slogan : Life // Leather // Loud

// Mission Statement : Crafted For The Goodtimes

// Website :



My brand name is "ARKIN".  In all honesty the name has no real meaning for me, it was thought up after we had problems with our original name Acre Supply Co. I felt that Arkin was a blank slate kind of word that the brand could easily put its own stamp on.


The slogan I am using is "Life // Leather // Loud". This comes from my belief that Arkin products should not only stand upto daily chores due to their quality and timeless design, but be able to become an integral part of someones life.  I love working with leather because of the life that the material has led before it has even been purchased by the customer as a "new" product.  From being a living breathing animal, to the long-winded tanning process, to being stored and purchased as full hides, to being inspected, handcut and sewn, every part of that process is written across the leather.  And once it does find an owner, the leather never stops changing, devoloping an individual patina - memories of the goodtimes marking it forever.

The "Loud" element of the slogan comes from the my view that life should be lived with the volumn turned up to 11.  Arkin products are designed with this kind of life in mind.



Aesthetically fusing both rugged and minimalist elements within it’s designs, ARKIN has created a modern brand with appeal to those who appreciate a fuss free approach to life.  Each piece is inherently rock & roll, created with heavy duty experiences in mind.  ARKIN accessories are aimed at anyone with an appreciation for classic minimalist style and a life enriched with goodtimes, good folk and good music.

The Arkin Workshop, based in Wiltshire, England is where all our Leather products are handcrafted.  Everything from the initial designing to the dispatching of orders takes place here, all done by our small team.  We only use the best materials which are all sourced here in the UK, something which is very important to us.

Construction of ARKIN pieces starts with a solid design inspired directly by the fine folk we aim to supply. Next we add in superior quality leather and fabrics, traditional construction techniques and inspired detailing. ARKIN prides itself on its exquisite craftsmanship, creating accessories that will grow and mold individually to you.


// 30/12/14

I started Arkin just over a year ago as a Kickstarter minimal wallet experiment. Thanks to that initial small success I have discovered and been able to immerse myself in leather-working, rediscovering my passion for fashion and design along the way.  While Leather goods and accessories will be the focus of the Arkin brand, I feel that a select range of clothing pieces will sit well in the collection, helping the brand attract a larger audience.


Currently I have not designed an icon, but this is something I will start to develop. As the wordmark is quite strong my plan is to push ahead with other elements of the brand and introduce the icon at a later date.  Initial ideas revolve around arrows and arrow heads, firstly because of their shape (very like an A for Arkin) and secondly becuase of the heritage surrounding leatherworking and the tools used for thousands of years relate closely to the flint arrow heads found in the region surrounding our workshop. 

// 09/01/15

We are into the New Year and I have been making a few changes.  While I did like the wordmark logo I had been using, the font kind of felt a little too surfer and not clean enough.  I went back to the drawing board and came up with these... 

I have also been teaching myself to use Illustrator (with the help of SkillShare obviously!) and designed my first t-shirt print.  Not sure whether to use it yet, need to come up with a few other designs first, but its a good start!


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