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Kemar Brown

CEO & Founder of Aritsu




Based out of New York

We are a young brand trying to see if we can make something of ourselves in a world seems to be working against us. We refuse to use sex to sell, or place derogatory imagery on shirts. Instead were looking to promote good culture have a positive influence through the clothing we make and the messages we promote. Hence our mantra of “Seeking a Pair of Wings”

Since we are still a very young brand we are looking for as much help as possible, 

+ Comments and feedback

+ Advice

+ Leads for Services and Products and Store Placement

+ Organization and Interns - no one in the company is paid, instead all funds are filtered back into the company, so as to further our goals of owning a store in the near future.


We have a full lookbook online if you care to check it out.

Website :

Email : [email protected]

Facebook :



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