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So I've always loved the dystopian fantasy world and i love elves, so why not combine both? :o

Drawing poses has always been a tough part for me.  So it was really hard to not correct my anatomy and allow myself to be sloppy haha.  It was also really hard to stop myself from drawing silly poses that have nothing to do with my character.   I'm leaning towards the 3rd 4th and 5th on the bottom row at the moment.   I tend to lean towards less-actiony poses.


fixed versionsssss (and faces because i couldnt help it)


so i did this last night....

and then i made the cover photo because i really like drawing faces....hahaha.  i kinda like all of the outfits, so i dont know which to go with.  maybe i'll make more!

thanks again for all the feedback guys! :)


i think this is the final outfit i've decided on.   i liked the skirt, but i figured if she'll be fighting, a skirt would be a bad idea, haha, so i added the shorts underneath.  then i decided if i have time i'll do the pose next to my final :)  of course i thought of thatttt pose like yesterday, so it wasn't in my thumbnails.  this tends to happen to me a lot haha.

some anatomy fixing!  there's more i can fix, but i'll do that in the final render.....which i'm!


here's her "action shot"   maybe in the future i'll detail it, but as for now i kinda like the scribbly look!

and here's the finished one..............

She has a name's Arii.  I'll probably continue cleaning it up and adding textures, but for this class...i thinkkkk i'm done!  Any critiques are welcomed :)


edit:  i think i'm gonna do more to this and the action pose and continue posting on here.  it's good motivation to try and impress all these amazing artists :) haha



i added a buttload more textures and more wounds and such....

i think i'm gonna try to color the b&w final.


so here's the progress of the coloring.  i think i got a bit carried away with the blood, but i blame playing with sfx makeup lately hahaha.

any suggestions on what colors to use to shade white hair?


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