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Ariel's Undersea Adventure

Previously, I've been a Photoshop lover who knows just enough to muddle around in Illustrator and get myself in trouble. I'm really excited about finally really learning what I'm doing! I'm an art school graduate with a degree in interior design, but I'd really like to get more into illustration.

I'm a lover of all things Disney, and I really love the style of this poster made for Disney California Adventure. Since my name is Arielle (prononced the way Sebastian says it!), I figured this was an appropriate place to start. It's complex without being overly challenging, and I think it will really push me to learn. I'll upload more as I go, but here's an image of the original poster:

UPDATE 1:Starting to mass in basic forms, playing a lot with the build shape tool and the pen tool. I heard comment of the smooth tool, but I don't think I've figured out how to use it yet? It didn't do anything for me. Any pointers? I'm pleased with the shape of Ariel's hair, looking forward to adding her face and the details. Will probably mass in the other details first, though.

The weird jogs on the rockwork at the bottom and Ariel's tail are where it goes behind other objects, so I wasn't worried about making it perfect. Colors aren't quite right, still working on that... The larger version I found (not the one posted above) is a bit more green, so I guess I have to decide which way to go with it.

Thoughts and feedback are appreciated!


Sebastian, Flounder, and Ariel's details have been added! Been playing more with the brush tool, shapes, and pathfinder. Still mostly using the make shape tool, since the shapes are so irregular. Learning that fewer points = smoother curves, so I've really been figuring out just how many points are necessary to make a clean curve.

Weekend over means slower progress this week, but I feel like I got a lot done over the weekend, and I'm getting faster as I go.

Thoughts, comments? (I just grabbed a screen grab so it'd be a small file size, sorry if the borders aren't quite right.)


All that's left is the text! Before I go creating too much work for myself by creating the fonts, anyone have any thoughts on what they might be?


Done! Thanks to Martina for pointing out the smaller font; saved me a lot of time. I created the "Little" and "Mermaid" from scratch, and it was a really good exercise in building letters. Overall, I'm really pleased with how it all came out! Here's the final, and below, a side-by-side comparison.


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