Ariane Nova's AeriLuna

Ariane Nova's AeriLuna - student project

-Illustrations and a Stationary Shop-

Instagram: @ariane.nova

Etsy: AeriLuna (when i create products and add listings)

Hi, everyone! I'm Ariane (a.k.a. Aeri). I'm at the very beginning of my art journey. I would like to create illustrations and also sell art prints, stickers, and other stationary items on etsy.  I'm still trying to find my style but I'm drawn to painting, character illustrations, and magical themes. 

The picture below is my very first and only original art. I was very focused on creating products for Etsy. But decided to take a step back, get a bit more clarity on my style, practice creating more art and growing my instagram first.

Ariane Nova's AeriLuna - image 1 - student project

My focus for this year is:

-Finding my style 1.0

-Instagram Art Community



On Years After:


-Illustration Contract Projects ?

-Maybe would like to do concept art down the line