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Arete The Act of Living up to One's Potential

Arete has a special meaning to me, and I was just looking at different design agency websites in order to apply for an internship this summer and came across the phrase again. I was introduced to arete my freshman year of college, 3 years ago. I play D1 college softball and we say arete in our team huddle before every game, and we talk about it during the beginning of each softball season. Arete means living up to one's potential, and being the best you can be. It's also related to excellence and also knowledge. More specifically the knowledge of knowledge. I think that it's really important to live up to your potential, and not only your percieved potential but your actual potential. I haven't been doing as many projects outside of my school work lately, so I thought this was the perfect phrase to create since I need to live up to my actual potential a little more, which is going beyond requirements and what people expect you to do. So here we go, Arete! 


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