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Arell & Rose

Arell and Rose is a brand and online store catered towards the refined and rebellious Gentlemen.

Arell & Rose is inspired by so many things. First and by far the most important to me, Arell and Rosetta Knight my beloved grandparents. I lost them both at a young age, but not too soon to where they weren’t able to inspire my life a great deal, especially, my grandfather, who was the epitome of men’s style.  My grandmother, however, made the rough and rebellious exterior of my grandfather melt a...way. She was the essence of class, always. One of things that I learned from simply watching them is how strength and love come from the same place, your heart.

Inspired by Miles Davis and Salvador Dali to James Dean and Gordon Parks from the 1970 Monte Carlo to the NYC Ballet Arell & Rose is about opposites attracting. Hard and soft. Sweet and bitter. Romance and Rebellion. Blending the rugged of a man but adding a little bit of quirk to appeal to the opposite sex.
Arell & Rose is a store and brand that is based around good design and quality with a little bit of edge in every corner. It speaks to the man that likes to break the rules every once in a while, especially when it comes to getting his girl.


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