Daniel Oleson

Test Lead at Bungie




I have been playing in bands since I was 15 years old, and one of the hardest parts as has always been organizing a group of people, especially musician types, to all be in the same place at the same time for things like practice, shows, meetings, etc.  For most professional scenarios, Outlook or Google Calendar should do the trick.  However, normal calendar applications assume that, once someone has committed to something, they'll be there.  When dealing with bands where no one is getting paid, and everyone has lives outside of the band itself, keeping up practice schedules, and keeping people aprised of shows and other band related events requires a more interactive solution.  AreYouIn is meant to be a system that allows users to do the following-

Propose appointments, either recurring or one off, to be accepted or rejected by the other members of the band.

Recieve reminders (email, and ideally sms) that ask things like "AreYouIn for practice tomorrow?  Respond yes or no."  Valid responses are stored with the member's status.  Invalid responses prompt for valid responses.

Allow admins to manually push follow up reminders to solicit responses if members have not responded in a timely manner.

Create a list of attendees for each practice based on responses (or lack thereof), and allow other users to check who has confirmed their attendance for a specific event.

Allow users to enter their own schedule, prompting the system to send out conflict alerts.

Allows admins to track attendance over time, and keep a log of past events.

The ultimate goal is to allow those of us in bands with jobs in the "real world" to keep on top of the artistic commitments we've made, and the events that correspond to them.


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