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Are we really set free from our old chains?

I took this picture a while back, but today it has come in handy.

Currently my country is experiencing some exciting times and so am I.

I come from a very peculiar country called Nigeria. Nigeria is 'very' culturally diverse, having more than 250 ethnic groups with varying languages, ideas, customs and resources. Due to our divergent nature, we often disagree and this has led to some wars, many people debating and wanting division. But, thankfully, we are still together.

Recently we had a very interesting and peaceful quadrennial election, on one hand, we were set free from an old domineering party that had ruled us for 16years and on the other hand we had, by a large and clearly divisible consensus, re-elected a former military head of state...hmmn.

Currently, we are in a state of mixed feelings, we have clamoured for change but the question still remains, are we really set free from our old chains?


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