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Andia Kolakowski

I am a left-brained hobbyist



Are You Ready for this?

This class was super helpful! I bought a generic framed loom at Joann's a few weeks ago because of all the coupons I needed to use up. (Note: the loom was set up so that the warp string ends are tied on the opposite sides of the loom. This created an uneven amount of warp, which is why I was always short one when wefting.)

I followed the instructions on the back of the package, along with a few tutorials online. Seriously, you cannot adequately describe a technique through a few disjointed pics. Anyway, below are my progress pics along with my before this class and after this class photos:





 ^ This is the one I did before this class, trying to follow the lousy instructions on the back of the package.


I will update with my dowel soon! It took me six hours to get this far!


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