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Are You Mindful ? -- From Team Dreamosa

From the desk of Thomas:
I am very much confident that am mindful. Ok, That doesn't mean I always be in present moment. But most of the times i will be in the moment. Even i am normal human being, face distractions, issues like others. Sometimes, i used dwell into those negative situations thinking over and over. After Regular Meditation, its not same thing any more. There are Very Less Occasions. After meeting my friend Merissa, things changed a lot. 

And I thank Steven for awesome ANIMATION CREATION on - Are you mindful or mind full ? The way, Merissa explained and Steven turned into asking question is amazing. Its very simple question; but very valuable question in our lives.. Go ahead and tell us how feel about it ?

Thank You for your time; Now Action time, quickly put it in your words...;

  • Are You Mindful?
  • How you handle negative emotions?
  • Do you Carry them all the time?

We would like to hear from You; 

-Team Dreamosa


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