Are You Engaged On Instagram?

Hey Guys!! 

I work for a small marketing agency in Indianapolis, IN. I manage our social media accounts and other business social media accounts and thought this class would be awesome to use to give our instagram some life!! I went with the phrase "are you engaged on instagram?" We love asking marketing questions and such on our social media sites so this class is perfect!! 

Below are some sketches I had started!! 


And here is the final product!! Super fun and cool. Definitely going to be using this technique for more cool instagram gifs. Thank you so much Jamie!! Awesome Class


I had to use a window here at the office for a makeshift light board because we didn't have any tracing paper. Worked beautifully! 


I also added our companies logo to the top of each of the final sketch tracings to brand the .GIF. 


Here's the final project!! I couldnt upload the video of gif straight onto hear :/ the file size is too big and cant find a way to shrink the file size without losing quality. However, below is an instagram link with the final project!! I'm liking the way it turned out. 

FINAL PROJECT INSTA LINK: https://www.instagram.com/p/BJgbgfxDdzv/?taken-by=crosscreativemkg


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