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Ardamus - "I Can't Replace Me"

Right now, this is what I have so far. I took some extra steps to play the image some more. You can't see it but I incorpoated the title of the album where the ladies and they look like slashes. But it actually reads "I Can't Replace Me". Don't know why but I decided to use an 80s font for the cover to match the look. I also worked on the back part of the 4-panel booklet.

Here's the first draft of what I was working on, I looked at the lecture on texture and etc. to see how I sould go about. Technically its not a rough but this an idea I wanted to create using some more vector I found that related to my idea:

Researching Your Subject

The artist happens to be myself, Ardamus. I am a hip hop artist that has 20 plus years of experience. The new album is that is being released is entitled “I Can’t Replace Me”. The sound of the album has a very golden era (1990s) hip hop sound two with updated new sound of the newer era. A common theme of some of the lyrics include social issues with youth, sex, thievery, depression, greed, politics, and religion. 

Below are few links of the music that I have completed in the past:

Ardamus - “When Nothing Goes Right”

Ardaplus (Ardamus + Double Plus) - “A Fistful Of Plutonium”

Ardamus and The Metaphysical - “A Day In The Life Of Modern Day Living”

Ardamus & C Royal - “The Glass Is Half Full Of...”

Here are two of the videos I’ve completed in the past:

Ardamus & C Royal - “Indeed Loyalty”

Ardamus And The Metaphysical - “My Kinda Party”

Written Concept

The name of the album the cover is for is entitled “I Can’t Replace Me”. The album is dedicated to the trials and tribulations of battling morality on a daily basis. And part of the branding that I have been going for is the constant attraction between an angel and a devil. The picture would involve a photo or illustration with two females. It would be just a female devil and a female touching each other as if they would like to dance with each other and enjoy themselves. Or it could be a point of where they are conversing with each other in a very intimate space. The background could be white but has a variation of different texture such as woodgrain, film grain, and etc. 

The title of the album and the artist’s name will be in condensed movie font style. The artist’s name would be in the top left corner. The top right corner would have the album title. The colors that will be used at the moment would be a red/orange hue, black, and white. 

Mood Board

I really didn't have any sketches of anything I could think of to express my idea directly. But after doing some more research I found some vector that I altered in Illustrator to make my point. Two women dancing together. One is dark and the other is light and one of them could represent an angel and the other could represent a devil. Either way, I felt this was the best to convey my message.


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