Arctic Polar Bear Logo

Arctic Polar Bear Logo - student project

My initial rough sketch started with this drawing of a polar bear.

Arctic Polar Bear Logo - image 1 - student project


Before I add color to a graphic design project, I always work with black and white for the image. On the bright side, I have the overall dimensional feeling of a polar bear based on my drawing and design.


Arctic Polar Bear Logo - image 2 - student project


Based on my research, the polar bear's fur is not actually pure white. Its fur color ranges from different shades of yellow, blue, or even purple based on the color of the habitat it lives in.


My experiment on color started with different opacities of yellow first.

Arctic Polar Bear Logo - image 3 - student project


This is what I have created so far for my polar bear logo. I used one Pantone color for this logo with different opacities. Later on, I will edit the rest of the logo based on the Golden Spiral.Arctic Polar Bear Logo - image 4 - student project


However, I did fit the whole contour to this graphic to the golden ratio spiral.

Simon Tam
Never underestimate your design.