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Architectural Photographer - Freelancer's Manifesto

Hello! My name is Morgan McDonald and I am from the Detroit area. Inspired by all things design, my career journey has taken me from a freelance residential designer, to graphic artist, and presently working as a workplace consultant for a commercial interiors firm. With a passion for Detroit, design, and photography, I want to use the three together in a way that I hope will fundamentally shape the way the world views this great city.

What am I good at? What do I enjoy doing? What do other people ask me to help them with? What is something I can deliver to them?

  • I enjoy and am good at organizing, planning, and taking photographs of cityscapes, buildings, interior spaces, and street life. People who know me know these things about me. They also know that I have a heart for Detroit and it's revitalization. People ask for my recommendations on things to do, ways to engage, and places to eat in the city.
  • My personal Strength Finders 2.0 Themes: 1) Futuristic 2) Intellection 3) Learner 4) Deliberative 5) Empathy

How do I want to spend my days?

  • I would like to spend my days roaming the city capturing images of Detroit, performing freelance jobs for clients, editing photos and researching for inspiration and education in a coffeeshop, studio space or co-working space, and attending events. I want to travel the world as well.

What do I want to produce? What is the outcome of my work? What is my deliverable?

  • I want to produce photographs of buildings, interior spaces, cityscapes, street scenes, and landmarks for company websites, marketing material, competitions, and publications.

How do the people benefit from working with me? (Will they get more clients? Will I help them reach their old clients? Will I help their logo be remembered?) What will they gain from working with me?

  • My ideal clients are architecture firms, interior designers, real estate professionals, property managers, and publications. Clients can use my photography for their website, to enter into design competitions, for their portfolio of completed projects, for marketing material, to sell property and for the publications. I will help people gain more clients and sell more property. I also want to sell prints for consumers who want my photography for their home or office.

How will you make people know what you do? How will you advertise your services? What channels will you use?

  • Social media outlets: Instagram, Fleck, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest 
  • I can become a Shutterstock contributor and sell images
  • I can sell prints on and Etsy 
  • Website - (working on completing)
    • About Me
    • Services
    • Portfolio (Lifestyle, Cityscapes, Architecture, Interiors)
    • Contact Me
    • Blog

This is just the beginning for me and I realize that I have to form a strategy and then execute but I am excited for what is to come!


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