Archi Dreams

Archi Dreams - student project

Sharing with you a series of abstract watercolor pieces that I worked on. They were my first and only abstract artworks as of today with the hopes of doing more once I figure out my 'art voice' as Noelle calls it.

I don't really know what to name it because it was so unplanned but one very helpful stranger suggested 'The Architect' series because of the mix of shapes and lines. He also said to look up diptychs which I will after I post this. 

As mentioned, this is a freeform painting. I had no plans. I had no initial choice of colors. In fact, I just wanted to use some leftover paints from my previous artwork and Voila! Here they are. I didn't realize that my long-time and forgotten frustration of becoming an architect will and can be interpreted here. 

I was four years old when I got so fascinated with Legos. I made houses from them. I felt that doll houses were very limiting so I explored what I can do with blocks. At 13, I made floor plans without knowing how it's being done in the real world. I drew on paper because my Legos were gone. I was self-taught. My father noticed I was making something legit but wasn't really encouraging because we can't afford it. So, I put it all away little by little and became the adult that I am now.


Archi Dreams - image 1 - student project

Archi Dreams - image 2 - student project


Oh well. I still can't afford an Archi degree today but it doesn't mean I can't paint. :) 


Fabriano 200gsm 8x11in

Aquarelle, Soft Pastel, and Leftover Coffee for real