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Archery League

Seeing all the other projects thus far has been really inspiring, so I decided to take this class and create a mascot for the archery league I'm a part of.

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Here's us playing dress up at the last end-of-year event in Upstate New York. (I'm holding my suspenders).

I chose to create a deer mascot - a likely choice. Side note: we don't shoot deer (or any animals). Only targets :)

I think that I put a little too much detail into the initial sketch, and was thrown off by the distinct lines of the white fur. It made me realise that Frasier's decision to use a statue (being all one color) was a really smart decision to define shadows.

Phase 2 was much easier for me to do in marker, so I printed out the sketch and drew over it:

The first sketch wasn't working - went too far with the black. The second was feeling more like a goat than a deer - I think due to the height/roundness of the nose, and the connection between the ear and top of the head. The third sketch was feeling better, and usuable for phase 3.

Next came refining the blacks in illustrator:

Then adding the white detailing:

and adding depth with medium tones and highlights:

And the deer was done!

For final presentation I wanted to add arrows to the compisition. It was difficult to keep them from looking like they were going through the neck or head of the deer (killing it), so in the end I used them to create a crown-like effect (nixing the bottom arrow feathers).

Thanks for teaching this awesome class Fraser! I'd love to hear any feedback to improve the deer or composition with the arrows.


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