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Arbitrary Details from my First Week of School


I love when I remember to record interesting details from my day in the form of a sketch or short journal entry. They're usually details I might not recall in the future, and I really like being able to look back and remember how I felt when I captured that memory in my sketchbook. So, for this one-page zine, I decided to record one or two trivial events from each day of my first week back to school. ...Not that anything I illustrated or wrote about is school-related, but hey.




I started out with some sketches I drew of my friends I saw last week. Fan-art of my friends and family is a pretty common starting point for my artwork—they're my inspiration! I also did some doodles of food I ate and things I saw with them.




I then went through some magazine and newspapers and looked for relevant words and images. I cut those out, and used them to tell more short stories of how I spent the past few days.


One of my favorite memories I recorded was from Monday, when my friend and I came accross a huge anthill. It stuck with me, so I decided to incorporate the ants throughout the zine. On top of conveying the creepy-crawley feeling we felt in that moment, I think the trail of ants also sort of works to carry the reader through the zine (and to loop back to the beginning, if they want to read it in an infinite loop). 

Lastly, when I'd laid out all the big pieces, I typed up some short descriptions to accompany each page. I printed out the sentences, cut and glued them to the page, and voila. 







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