• My  name is Aimee' If you would like to follow me on instagram I post all of my artwork there--- http://instagram.com/aimeemaningas 

  • my facebook page--- https://www.facebook.com/AimeeManingasART

  • So I have been very excited to start this project and learn some new techniques. I don't really have much professional training. I took a beginning drawing class back in college but that is where it stops. I've always drawn and painted from a very early age because it is something I really love and enjoy. I am ready to learn!! This was a quick sketch so I realize that the darks around her can be darker but you know....I got a little impatiant. Feedback is great and I appreciate it!

  • So I have begun working on the chiaroscuro. The picture below is what I was able to get done this morning. I am having a lot of fun with this. I decided to forgo feathers in place of antlers and flowers and leaves. I've done artwork with antlers and i think they are fun and whimsical. What do you think?

  • I have finished the lights and darks and am getting ready to watch the video over color. This technique is definately different from what I have used before but i have found it effective and am enjoying it. The picture below is the finished chiaroscuro using the faber-castell polychromos in schwarz black and the medium color using dark sepia

  • Started the coloring process. It's a little more difficult than I thought. If you want to leave feedback that is great

  • I decided to make her a redhead:)

  • Almost finished. Just three more leaves and a bit more black and BABAM (see below pic) It looks grainy though....sorry. Much better in person but I lost my camera charger and am using my phone....

Ok She is done! Thanks Marco for the class. Very much enjoyed it!

I finished another project in this same sort of style. Using the lights and darks. I have really been enjoying this type of work. It makes everything more dramatic. I decided on another portrait (see below) 


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