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Arabic Poster

Inspired by this Arabic-written poster, I decided to recreate it because I loved the message and the design is very simple and expressive. 

In large font it says: "A woman is not measured by her looks" - the pink crossed legs represent how "not" is written in Arabic = "لا" - I thought that was genius :)

In small font it reads: "Media is unjust to a woman when it judges her by her image."

Original art work by Kholoud Rozi:

 Unfortunately, I wasn't able to write Arabic in Illustrator - I do have Arabic fonts, but they won't connect and I couldn't get it to read from right to left. Ended up using the Blob Brush Tool to trace the letters (anyone had a similar problem and was able to fix it? or find an alternative?):

Colors are off, but I'm overall happy with how the gradients worked out. Added tape measure. 

...after some time:

Finally, I darkened the colors a bit - have yet to achieve the colors in the poster:

Feedback is much appreciated :)

Updated with color adjustments:


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