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Aquaman vs The Flash

Hello everyone and Patrick! my name is Megan Huang. This project is actually for my DC comics portfolio, which I'm gonna bring to fan expo (essentially Canadian comic con) this year, so excited! :) ...Anyways this took about a week to do, I think it turned out ok in the end.

To start I scanned in my sketch of Aquaman and the Flash. I generally don't follow my sketch in the end and tend to change a bunch of stuff. so the end product will differ from what's on my page below. I tend to think of sketches as suggestions rather than solid rules...


Following my sketch I did the character inks. The background inks came later.


Following the inks I proceeded to do the color flats. This is essentially the same process for the background, so I'll skip past all of that.


Okay next I shaded the characters and added various light sources. I mainly followed Aquaman's progress throughout this next segment since I only followed his progress when I was posting it up on twitter, so I kind of missed out on the Flash's stuff. Anyway's here's what I've got. The progress on aquaman's rock is also present in these next few images.




After that I had trouble deciding what to do with the background. First there was lightning, then a light house, then it got changed to a lighter color altogether, then there was a mountain, and then there wasn't... You can see some of my process here in these next couple images.



Here is the end product! I settled for a lighter background and left it predominantly plain, so not to distract from the characters. 


And ya that's my process for this piece. I'm on twitter, deviantart, and behance, if you guys have any questions, comments, or criticisms, or want to exchange critiques on new art. Thanks again for the class Patrick! And everyone's art looks great!  Later!!! :)


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