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April Zines

I had a zine fest this weekend that I wanted some new material for. This class was a nice introduction to zine types that I have not done before.

Though I have made a single page zine, I have been reluctant to make any for zine fest. And even more so reluctant to use other peoples images or text, which is why I don't often do collage or zines that are pages of collages. However recently I have been using some photos in my paintings, so i figured I would give this a shot. I went to the local library and bought 12 magazines to clip from. I went through a few. The process that I had here was clip images that popped out, and then make a story. 

The first one I made was "Shit Rich People Say." The guy just had a funny expression, which I thought added some humor to this upsetting topic. I later added "Volume 1" so that I can make a series out of it if I wanted to later. It has 6 things. I figured that some peole could relate to it at zine fest since there is so much anti-capitalist sentiment in the zine community. 

The second one that I made was "10 Ways To Be Adorable" which was like a cheesy blog post. I was just drawn to the picture. And since she had 10 fingers up, I decided to make a list. I don't think anyone will actually want to buy this one but it was great practice in layout, planning, and copywriting.

The original plan was to use glue and tape and make copies. But my handwriting was so bad that I decided to lay the paper out in indesign. 


I aso made a zine about a failed actor who became an uber driver. Creating a genre of zines that I call Uber fiction, fiction by Uber drivers about being an Uber driver :)

I made them all Saturday (yesterday) and showed them at the zine fest today at Cal Poly Pomona. 


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