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April Smith and the Great Picture Show - Songs for a Sinking Ship

Week 2: Sketching

Lesson learned: sketching is a great way to figure out your idea isn't going to work exactly how you think it will. 

My initial sketches morphed from a circus gone awry to a aging movie theater, looking in from the streets. 

First sketches:

Later sketches:

Final sketch:

Week 1: Mood Board, Initial Concept

Late to the party, but excited all the same!

The first time I heard Colors by April Smith and The Great Picture Show, I was instantly tapping my toes and bouncing around in my desk chair. The music is infectious and dramatic with an old-timey flair. There's also a sense of story in all their songs that harkens to music of the '30s and '40s. (Just fyi, you may have heard their song Terrible Things in a Weeds promo).

With this piece I want to combine the vintage sound with the bold. rollicking, story-infused elements of their music.

So my mood board is an attempt to combine dramatic lighting with the whimsy of a circus/live show. I've also been drawn to dilapidated entertainment venues, ravaged by nature because the albums title is, "Songs for a sinking ship." So something about a final show in an abandon space. One last hurrah, joy and whimsy in the darkness (these are extremely broad strokes, I know.)


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