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Approachable Anticipation

I've been drinking a lot of kombucha soda lately ( ! ) & so many glass bottles have been really accumulating! So I've been coming up with a lot of creative ideas on how to upcycle them. :)

With this first step photo entry (shot from above), I wanted to portray an accessible & teachable moment but with this also comes a bit of eager anticipation to see if my idea to turn this crushed glass bottle into a beautiful pendant will really work. :) 


This is my 2nd step photo entry (Include 2 hands), in continuation of the theme: Approachable Anticipation. Here I am changing the shape of this bottle cap in anticipation of making a mini candle. Hope it works! :): 


I like the lighting in this photograph, but if there was anything I would change is the bottle top among the bottle caps. I think the photo would look more purposefull & somewhat cleaner (less cluttered). I do have a photo without the bottle top but the lighting is so much better in this one. So I chose this one as my best 2nd step photo entry. 


Here I tried to portray personality with this 3rd step faceless portrait entry by capturing a quiet moment with my sweet & gentle dog, Bruce. :) Our matching red highlights, courtesy of backlighting, echos our unwavering bond. :)


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