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Tashina Jacob

Webcomic Artist



Apprentice Wizard

Hi there!

When watching the first video and trying to work alongside it, I realized that because I've never drawn in a cartoon style, I would simply copy what our teacher was drawing. I decided that I had to make something that wasn't a pirate, or else I would probably not come up with something original.
After some thinking I decided to do a wizard! Wizards are great!

Initial character exploration:

I made four different types (left to right) and played around with them:

the young, eager pupil,

the relaxed, fat, old wizard,

the strong but harmless enthusiast,

and the plump, grumpy wizard.

I'm in favor of the young one, but I like #2 and 3 as well. Grumpy will have to go, I don't like him. :(



S- and C-curves

I chose the lanky young wizard in the sitting pose...

...and refined the sketch some more:

Next is checking of anatomy. :)
I have to say, drawing characters based on simple shapes is so much fun!

Anatomy check



I wanted to have the wizard do something silly with his spell, something going wrong, like books flying from a shelf behind him. almost crushing a little owl. I added the owl, but decided to make it simpler and let him turn the owl a funny color, like pink. (Obviously that will have to wait until the coloring stage.)

I also changed his hat, it wasn't really sitting properly on his head before - the anatomy check made me realize that. A very helpful thing to do. :)

I'm afraid I've added too much detail to the picture, but I'll see how far I can go with this.

Shilouette check

Not quite sure what to look for here (sorry Denis, but I found it a bit hard to understand what kind of mistakes we should eliminate in this step) - I went for making the outline simpler and more curved, I also exaggerated a few more shapes, like his shoes.

lines after the check:

EDIT 07.09.14

I haven't worked on this for several months, due to being busy at work and focusing my free time on other projects. Today I thought I'd pick it up again and finally completed the third stage "adding values".

Here's the result. I also added a rough background, trying to figure out the lighting and size of the room.


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