Lynda Bridges

Graphic Designer, Illustrator



Appreciating people

Hi Marlya

Thanks for your class.

The one point that really stood out to me was including people in your photographs to add to the story. I use a lot of my photos as inspiration for my artwork and always thought it ruined a scene but having gone back through my photos I now have a new appreciation for people.

The Shard - A fantastic structure, I love the angles of metal and glass. I waited for some time for all people to leave but that wasn't going to happen. Having a third of the image as skyline and a line of people really adds to this and brings out the reason why so many people visit, to take in the great view over London.


Burlington Arcade - I really like the symmetry of this shopping arcade and the pop of yellow and of course the figure of the man that's slightly off centre.


Lisbon - The soft creams and yellows really contrast against the blue tones in the clothing of the people. I think the smiling lady in the corner with her sons arm wrapped round her really adds some life to this.


Bellagio - I love all things Italian! The different groups of people all add character to a bustling street which wouldn't have come across without the people.



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