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Applying Marketing Concepts to Your Personal Life's Celebrations And Events

I recently had to plan my girlfriend's 29th birthday party, but wanted to  make it special.  Taking a cue from my job I began a social media campaign using a marketing plan and brand marketing that made the event on Facebook more engaging.  

Due to it's success, I thought for my first class I could walk individuals through what I did so that their own event could stand out and be more successful.


An example of the posts that I created to keep people engaged.


I've begun my class outline.  I will most likely complete it tomorrow, unless I end up getting distracted by my job.  Ugh, jobs.  Am I right?


Completed my outline.  Also had Chipotle for lunch.  One accomplishment.  One regret.  It's a 50/50 day.


I went ahead and wrote out a script for my opening to the class.

All impressions are greatly appreciated.


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