Apples - student project

Thanks for your feedback, Kate  I have applied your advice to my third Apple can you see the difference?  Will be sending the petals! Thanks Apples - image 1 - student projectFollowing Kate’s session on ‘painting for the terrified!’, I had three attempts at painting my apples at home. Colours used in 2 and 3 were cadmium red with alizarin, Winsor Yellow with raw Sienna, cobalt blue plus raw umber (Daler Rowney) with French Ultramarine blue for the centre and stalk. 
thinking two Apples - image 2 - student projectand three looked a bit like tomatoes I used Aquatone watercolour sticks to create texture and mottled colour. Having passed through the stages of tomato and nectarine , they came more to ressembling apples I think!? 

thanks Kate!