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Tami Seymour

Freelance Photographer



Apples and tomatillos

This was fun! Out of the 5 shooting styles I decided to do dramatic & high contrast and motion & process. Prior to the shoot, I created a few story boards and collected props. The apples weren't planned. During the shoot I realized that I had a bag of apples and thought they would be a perfect process shot. The tomatillos I would like to do more of a process shot. I am planning on making salsa verde so when that happens I will do more process shots. I had a few shots of the tomatillos with the skin on but they looked like they were on their last leg so I decided not to use them.

Overall, I am pretty happy with the shoot and the project. It got me to really thinking about the styles and the story that I wanted to tell. I decided that I wanted to have two different stories - a story with apples and a story with tomatillos and to use the same dramatic style throughout. 

Right now, everything seems to be shot at the same angle. I think I need to move around. 

I am going to continue this project. I plan on taking the Prepping a Photoshoot class. 

Dramatic & High Contrast

Process Shots


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